Butterflies are perhaps a perfect symbol of transformation, rebirth, and hope. Maybe that is why Aseracare Hospice chose a butterfly release event as a way to help those of us who may be grieving a lost loved one.

This beautiful event, "A Butterfly to Remember" is taking place on Thursday, June 13, at Sertoma Park (off of 49th Street & Oxbow) beginning at 5:30 PM (rain or shine).

Butterfly release
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I think we can all agree that remembering loved ones we've lost will always be a sweet, yet painful experience. But remember them? We do.

Watching the finale of a popular TV show brought home to me the fact that it's the simple things that build your love for someone, that make life worth living. Watching your kids play in the backyard, having coffee with a friend, talking through a problem with your significant other, laughing at a truly awful movie, or trying different foods together.

All these sweet memories can sustain us after a loved one has passed away. 

Life is amazingly beautiful, heartbreakingly sad, all too short, and random beyond belief!

Monarch butterflies flying
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No matter how a loved one leaves this planet; whether by accident, illness, ill will, or some other way, it is - excruciating. Seeking comfort in any form becomes so important.

This event is free and open to everyone. You are encouraged to call 605-338-2066 as soon as possible and reserve a butterfly (two per person) to memorialize someone in your life whom you have loved and lost.

That evening you are invited to the ceremony where there will be music, food, a short presentation, and then the butterfly release.

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For more information see Aseracare Hospice on Facebook.

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