A sports reporter from Iowa is going viral this morning after all but losing it on-air during a morning show. The video has gone SO viral, already, that he has had companies making shirts with phrases that he said on air.

Mark Woodley, who works for KWWL in Iowa, was asked to come in and help out with weather coverage during the morning show. It seems that Mark wasn't much of a fan of the idea, but being a good employee he came into work. What he might not have realized was that he would be outside for the morning, covering the blizzard and freezing temps.

It seems the cold got the better of him and rather than freezing his mouth shut, it seemed to only fuel his simmering rage at being outside during a blizzard. Check it out

Since tweeting out the video it has been retweeted almost 22,000 times as of noon today (Friday), and people like Rich Eisen of the NFL Network are commenting on it.

My guess is that Mark might have a few options if he wanted to make a move someplace warmer based on the response he has had on Twitter.

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