It was rough week for Dakota, our 1 year-old Siberian Husky. Last Monday evening we noticed she wasn't feeling well and hadn't touched her dinner. A few hours later she vomited bile and curled up in the corner.

Our normally vibrant dog was not well. I walked the yard looking for something she may have gotten into. I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

She rested well enough through the night (she slept by our bed), but the next morning my wife took her to the vet. Next thing I know, she sent this picture to my phone with the caption "Guess what these are?"

I knew right away. Dakota had eaten two stones from our rock garden and would have to go into surgery right away.

The operation went well with our thanks to the very skilled and caring veterinarians, Dr. Hanson and Dr. Harris at All-City Pet Care South.

Why in the world would a dog eats rocks while out in the yard? The vet couldn't answer that one.

However, we might have a theory. Her favorite treat at night is an ice cube from the freezer. Could she have thought a cold rock was an ice cube?

Again, there's no way to prove it - but she doesn't get ice cubes any longer.

Danny V

Four days later, she assumed her favorite spot guarding the house against mail carriers and other pet owners walking by.

By the way, we kept the rocks. I figure at around $750 per rock, we have a nice souvenir.

Danny V

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