It got close to 70 outside today. It was gorgeous. My kids spent most of the day outside. I watched Netflix and took naps.

I am not proud of this. I would have loved to have gone outside and done things. But I also knew, after a long week and not a ton of sleep in the last week, plus losing an hour of sleep with daylight savings time, I just listened to my body and did nothing.

Cruising through Netflix I saw that Wyatt Earp was on there. I had never seen the entire 3 hours and 10 minutes of it in one sitting before. I still haven't because I took a half-hour nap somewhere around the 1:45 mark. I'm sure I had seen that part before on AMC or TNT.

Looking at the forecast for the next week I may regret this decision but I'm not sorry. That is based on the upcoming forecast not showing a high temperature above 51 and even a day with some snow, but it sure felt good to do nothing for a day.

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