Having a baby is a huge day whether you are the one giving birth or the one supporting them. But the day for the two parties involved is very different. For instance, maybe you get hungry and it's been eight hours since you ate last. What would you do?

A discussion on Reddit got kicked off by a guy who posted a picture of his significant other in the middle of labor, presumably in the midst of a contraction, while a pizza sits in his lap and holds a slice in his hand. The title of the post was "Casually eating pizza when your SO is in the middle of giving birth."

Much discussion followed, but most of it was not harshly against the guy.

For context, it was posted in the "Trashy" subreddit where people post trashy photos that are meant to be funny. Had this been in the "AskReddit" sub it probably would have had people going bananas over kicking back and eating pizza while the soon to be mom toils through labor. Since it wasn't, most people said that it was trashy, but also said that the dude's gotta eat at some point and it's funny.

I faced a few instances of this when our kids were born. When our first child was born Crystal was in labor for 20 hours. I ate, but I didn't eat in the room. I went down to the cafeteria. I also asked her if it was okay if I went to sleep after she had been in labor for six hours and she wasn't even close to giving birth, she was totally fine with it.

With the second child, we got to the hospital at about 1:00 am. I held out until 4:00 am and then fell asleep. Then at 7:30 am I was awakened by nurses and midwives getting busy as delivery was imminent.

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