Ranch is a condiment which, in our part of the country, is widely noted for making food better. Sure, you can dip your fries in ketchup, but ranch is just better.

Since Thanksgiving is upon us Tasha and I did a new edition of "Is It Better With Ranch" with pumpkin pie.

Is it actually better? I think I can say yes, in a way. You get the taste of ranch up front, and then you get a bit of a creamy pumpkin pie after that. I couldn't say it was actually bad. It may be a bit of a reach to say the ranch was an improvement, but I got ranch and then I got pumpkin pie. I'm going to call that a positive.

If your initial reaction is that it is disgusting and nauseating, give it a chance before you condemn it. If you try it and say it is disgusting, I will believe you.

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