Brooke and Jeffrey the new Hot 104.7 Sioux Falls Morning Show - Listen Live Weekdays 6:00 AM until 10:00 AM

Sioux Falls' favorite radio station Hot 104.7 is entering a new era. Meet Brooke and Jeffery, they host the conveniently named 'Brooke and Jeffrey Show' which you can hear every weekday morning from 6:00 AM until 10:00 AM on Hot 104.7 and the Hot 104.7 App.


Who Are Brooke and Jeffery in the Morning on Hot 104.7?

Brooke and Jeffrey host a different kind of morning show. One that brings high-energy, laughs and the best in pop culture conversation to Sioux Falls every weekday.
You do NOT want to miss the hilarious bits and phonetaps the Brook and Jeffrey Show on Hot 104.7 crew create.


Brooke Fox, the 'Brook' of the Brooke and Jeffrey Show, is a self-described small-town girl living the big city dream. Brooke Fox has worked in morning radio for the past 14 years
Outside the studio, Brooke was a host on FOX TV's "Dish Nation," a nationally syndicated entertainment news program, for three seasons. She was voted by Evening Magazine as one of the “Top 25 Most Beautiful People in the Northwest,” and serves as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the Komen Foundation. Brooke and her husband live in Seattle with their two children.


Jeffrey Dubow, known as “Young Jeffrey,” is the other co-host of Brooke and Jeffrey. Young Jeffrey has been described as the “heart and soul” of the show. He's originally from Los Angeles. For 10 years, Jeffrey has brought energy and sarcasm to the airwaves, but he's best known for his parody songs ("Song of the Week"), which he performs live on the show every Friday morning. He’s written and sung more than 300 songs to date, but he’s still anxiously awaiting a multi-million-dollar record deal.

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The Rest of the Brook and Jeffery Crew:

Alexis Fuller is the newest addition to the Brooke and Jeffrey Show! While she was originally hired to be a Social Media Coordinator for the show, her bubbly personality and humor won over the entire team and they knew immediately she had a bright future on-air. Representing the Gen Z'ers, she's a recent Boise State University grad who still relies on her parents to cover her cell phone bill. As a collegiate track and cross country athlete, she has a passion for running but now likes to hobby jog wherever the greatest concentration of hot men in the city happens to be. She spends as much time as possible reminding everyone that she is the youngest member of the show. Her dating life is often a topic of discussion...because it’s well, how do we put this... fascinating. You can find her on the weekends either working her other job as a barista or out drinking with her roomie.

Known for his crazy stunts and high energy, listeners also count on Jose for his infectious laugh. Jose Bolanosgrew up in the restaurant industry but decided to try stand-up comedy at the 23. Soon after, he auditioned for a local radio show in Seattle; the rest is history. Today, Jose is a cast member of Brooke and Jeffrey.

Brooke and Jeffrey the new Hot 104.7 Sioux Falls Morning Show - Listen Live Weekdays 6:00 AM until 10:00 AM

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