As someone who drinks coffee and buys it regularly, I have often wondered if cream is actually an ingredient in coffee creamer, and if so how much cream is in the average bottle of commercially sold coffee creamer.

After finding an article on, it turns out there is no cream of any sort in coffee creamer that we often find ourselves buying at the grocery store. Instead of cream, there is usually a mixture of water, sugar, and vegetable oil in its place. The amounts of these ingredients can vary depending on which brand and flavor of creamer you decide to choose.

This leads us to another question with coffee creamer, what gives it the taste that enhances our cup of coffee? That would be another concoction of carrageenan, cellulose gum, and other potential artificial flavorings depending on which brand and flavor you select. So as it turns out most coffee creamers are actually dairy-free and don't have hardly any milk in them.

Of course, there are alternatives to these commercial coffee creamers like sugar-free creamers, half and half, or just plain milk if you want to keep it simple. But either way a usual serving size of the stuff is about two tablespoons or so.

I don't know anyone who measures out their creamer to this exact amount but hey a tablespoon is pretty easy to find.

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