The weather has been warm for the last couple of days. Not so warm that thoughts of sitting poolside have crept into my head, but warm enough that I was actually thinking I could go for a chocolate malt. I'm in luck.

B&G Milkyway has started its annual trickle of opening days of their stores in and around Sioux Falls. The first to open is the Harmodon Park location at 41st Street and Veterans Parkway.

As of today (March 1, 2022) you can get yourself an Avalanche, shake, malt, Slushwhip, Freeze, burger, Super Dog, sloppy joe, and of course a good old fashioned soft serve ice cream cone.

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Other locations that you likely know and love include 12th Street, Sycamore Avenue, 41st Street, 69th Street, and also locations in Brandon, Tea, and Harrisburg. The dates on which those locations will open is not yet known, but based on last year's Facebook posts, they will continue throughout the month of March into the beginning of April.

The B&G Milkyway has been a staple in Sioux Falls since 1954 when the first Milkyway opened on 12th Street near Western Avenue. That location is still open in the original, historic building today.

The "B&G" was added to the name in the mid-1960s when the original owner, Ray Starks, sold the drive-in style restaurant to Bertha and Guy Higgins. Jerry and Pat Bruget bought it in 1970 and opened the second location on 41st Street in 1976.

They sold it to current owners Bruce and Pam Bettmeng in 1993 who added the Sycamore Avenue location in 2001.

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