Having a few drinks while camping is a completely normal thing to do. Having a margarita or a beer goes with camping like peanut butter goes with jelly. But doing that and getting so intoxicated that you call the cops on yourself is more like peanut butter and petroleum jelly.

An Iowa man was arrested on Saturday night in Sheldon and hit with a litany of charges after he called 911 because he said he was too drunk to ride his bicycle.

According to NWestIowa.com, 51-year-old Edward Gonshorowski Jr. said that there were people in his tent at Hills Park who were trying to fight him. According to Sheldon Police, he was "alone and extremely intoxicated" and had trouble standing up.

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In the process of being arrested for public intoxication, Gonshorowski refused to comply with the officers' commands. He then got into a fighting stance and threatened to assault the officers and at one point kicked an officer in the leg.

During the car ride to Primghar and the O'Brien County Jail, Gonshorowski announced that he would kill the officers when he got out of jail and would also assault their families. Once inside the jail for booking, he spit directly into one of the officer's eyes, necessitating a trip to the hospital to have the eyes flushed.

Gonshorowski ended the night charged with public intoxication, false report — 911 call, interference with official acts, assault on persons in certain occupations, first-degree harassment, and assault on persons in certain occupations — bodily injury.

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