A South Dakota man has been charged after he allegedly attempted to elude a deputy in Iowa.

According to NWestIowa.com, 41-year-old Brian Anthony Ebright of Sioux Falls was arrested on Saturday, June 11 after a high-speed pursuit of three miles.

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Ebright was on foot at Lake Pahoja Recreation Area when a Lyon County Sheriff's deputy attempted to speak with him. He refused to stop and talk and began entering his 2003 Mazda 6S, even swatting the deputy's arm away as he got in. Once in the vehicle, he drove off with the deputy following behind.

The chase reached speeds of over 90 miles per hour before Ebright finally pulled over at 180th Street and Ashley Avenue just east of Klondike. After searching his car, the deputy found drug paraphernalia.

Another deputy went back to Lake Pahoja to speak with Ebright's girlfriend, Marilyn Linda Frie of Harrisburg. She admitted that there were drugs in the camper they were staying in, but that only the marijuana belonged to her. If any other drugs were in the camper they belonged to Ebright. Jars of meth, marijuana, THC, and drug paraphernalia were found in the camper. Ebright admitted that the meth was indeed his.

Ebright was charged with eluding at a speed more than 25 mph over the speed limit, interference with official acts, first-offense possession of a controlled substance — methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding, no valid driver’s license, and operation without a registration card or plate.

Frie was given a citation for first-offense possession of a controlled substance for the marijuana.

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