An employee at an Iowa nursing home was arrested after stealing a video game system from a nursing home resident.

According to, 32-year-old Cecilia Sanchez-Dominguez of Chaska, Minnesota allegedly took a Nintendo Switch from a resident of the Pleasant Acre Care Center in Hull. She worked there as a certified nursing assistant.

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Sanchez-Dominguez did not have permission to take the gaming system from the resident but took it home with her back in March and had since been using it to play games. (My money is on Animal Crossing.) She was taken into custody at around 8:30 pm on Wednesday, June 8.

It's pretty low to take valuables away from someone you have been entrusted to take care of. But that is honestly not the most interesting part of this story.

It makes me smile to know that a presumably elderly person living out their years in a nursing home is doing it while being a gamer. A Nintendo Switch, which generally has very popular though mild games, is a powerhouse enough in the gaming world that they could have been playing Fortnite, Madden, or the like.

If I am lucky enough to live until I require nursing home care, I hope I am at least able to use my hands well enough to play a 40-year-old X-Box with an edition of Call of Duty that most Gen-Zers will have told their grandchildren about.

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