It is not uncommon for someone to play a prank on a friend by going into their house and moving furniture or drawer contents around. Doing that to one's former employer is not so common, or plausible.

On Halloween night a couple was arrested after an altercation at an Iowa hog facility, according to 34-year-old Jared James Magnussen and 25-year-old Francesca Marie Magnussen were charged following what they claimed was a prank.

A 911 call led the O'Brien County Sheriff deputies to the scene where the caller said they had tackled someone in the process of defending the hog property that he manages near Primghar.

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It was reported that Jared Magnussen then retrieved a firearm from his truck and fired it, though it is not clear in what direction it was discharged.

The couple said they were fired from their jobs at the facility a month earlier and planned the poorly executed prank in retaliation. They said they were merely going to move some items around at the property, though Jared Magnussen reportedly admitted to not only moving a bait box but kicking more than one of them over.

The Magnussen's were both charged with first-offense trespassing and fifth-degree criminal mischief, and Jared also had a reckless use of a firearm added on.

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