If you were like me in the late 90's/early 00's then you probably had blow up furniture in your bedroom. I mean, what other type of furniture would go perfectly with you boy band posters and glow-in-the-dark star decor?

I had an inflatable chair that was clear with pink and purple flowers. It even came with an ottoman! Fancy!

But wait. There's more! I also had two neon green inflatable chairs! I had a phase where neon green was my favorite color. I exclusively chewed Extra Spearmint gum because it was green. That's not the point, the point is everything that is old is new again.

Target just launched an inflatable chair line for sale! These chairs are stepping up their game though, they have glitter!!! That's right, I said glitter. Where was this glitter idea back in the day? We wore tons of glitter (i.e. body glitter, lip gloss, eye shadow, butterfly clips), but apparently we were too good to sit on it.

If glitter isn't your thing, (but, like, why not?) there are also solid colors and a clear.

To be honest, the inflatable chairs looked hella cool, but they weren't super comfy. And if you wore shorts, you just stuck to it. Awkward.

However, I wish I had an office because I would totally get a glitter chair for it.

OMG, you guys. While perusing the internet for these inflatable chairs, I came across this video by Clevver and Target is also launching a bunch of new Harry Potter merch!! I NEED that sequin pillow! Just take my money, Target!

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