If I were to ask you to "name your poison of choice" what would it be? The reason I ask is today (6/8) is Name Your Poison Day. It's a day to give yourself a free pass to indulge in whatever your vice is - your "poison of choice."

And we all have them. For me it would be fast food, motorcycles, cool cars, TV, sports (I better stop there). The majority of the year we're told to stay away from our vices. But today is that one day of the year when it's okay to splurge a bit.

Go to the most unhealthy restaurant you can think of and order whatever you want off the menu. If that's a double bacon cheeseburger with a side of bacon - go for it. Just make sure you're not placing anyone else in harm.

The point here is, life is short and you only live once. So go ahead and do whatever makes you happy - be it good or bad. So let me ask you again, "What's your poison?"

Source: Gone to Pott

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