If you work in an office where there's a lot of open space, chances are you get interruped a lot. A recent study found an open space floor plan actually kills creativity.

According to an article on the subject in Inc. Magazine, many of today's employees are having a hard time getting their work done because of constant interruptions.

Studies have found the typical office worker gets interrupted every 11 minutes, and as a result, office productivity (on average) is down 15%.

Experts say that's a big reason why more and more people are choosing to work from home. Several articles have been written on the subject; about working from home.

Fidelity recently did a study on the subject and found that millennials are actually willing to take a pay cut just in order to have a more flexible work schedule.

That way they're able to have both a rewarding career and a happy family life. With a flexible schedule they're able to sneak off to watch their kid play soccer.

That same Fidelity study also found "office hours" as we know them will become obsolete in the near future. The workday won't be 9-to-5 anymore, but rather 24-7.

So, if you haven't yet mastered the art of working on your laptop from home, you might want to get on that. More and more businesses are headed that direction.

Source: Inc., Fidelity

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