I love when nature does its beautiful things. The most peculiar and fascinating of those to me is forming ice. Beautiful stalactites of frozen water form on our cars and buildings. It also can exaggerate the shape of anything it forms on, sometimes destroying it.

Ice can also make you want to eat a glazed donut.

Anyone with a trampoline has probably seen this or tried it. I've never owned a trampoline or been near one outdoors in the winter.

This video from Ozark, Missouri is so cool. A kid jumps on the ice covered trampoline and it shatters the glaze into relatively large pieces.

Watching the ice shatter this way immediately made me think of the cracked up frosting on a glazed donut. I'm trying to be good and not eat lost of glazed donuts but now I think I really need to take a trip to Centerville to get me a Zebra Donut or 20. They're glazed under the frosting.

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