You probably know the basic plot of Home Alone. A kid named Kevin gets left at home, alone. Well, there is a little bit more to it. There's a cheese pizza, an old guy and a polka band. Oh, and Harry and Marv, The Wet Bandits.

These burglars try to break into Kevin's house. But, the little scamp keeps the duo at bay through the clever use of traps and pain. Kev's efforts lead to the arrest of the criminals and he saves Whoville. Nope, that last part is something else.

Anyways, The Bandits get beat-up pretty good. Then a few years later it all happened again, but in the home of bad salsa New York City.

But, what would it be like in real life if all those things happened to a person?

A bunch doctors and nurses watched the movie and described what it would be like if Home Alone was for real. Let's just say that there would be lots of groin trauma and skin grafts. See for yourself.

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