Love makes you do crazy things, which is why I drove to Chicago to see Justin Timberlake in concert!

After I bought the tickets for Chicago, he announced tour dates closer to Sioux Falls, but those shows weren't until the fall. So, I figured, let's just go now!

The show is so good you guys!

We also splurged and bought pre-party tickets. The pre-party included early entrance to the venue, a parking pass, and hors d'oeuvre and drinks! Plus, there was a DJ and a good time was had by all.

The Shadowboxers were the openers and they were pretty good. I guess I would compare them to The Chainsmokers, but they are still their own thing for sure.

Justin played for almost exactly two hours and it was the fastest two hours of my life!

My one complaint would be that he didn't do an encore. I was shocked. I never leave the venue until the lights are on and the roadies are tearing down, so when he finished his last song and left the stage, I was surprised when the lights came on and the roadies started to tear down. Encore! I wanted more! I would suggest an N Sync song for the encore. He doesn't do any N Sync songs, which is fine. But if he did and encore of any N Sync song, it doesn't even matter which one, the crowd would have lost their s%&*! Just sayin.

There are still tickets available for his St. Paul and Omaha shows. I might just go again!

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