The other day the thought of running a mile came up in conversation. I haven't done that in a long time. I wondered if I could still do it so I gave it a whirl.

Normally when I go to the gym I get my cardio by walking on the treadmill with the incline jacked all the way up to 15 and walk as fast as I can go, usually around 3 miles per hour, depending on the treadmill I'm on. So my ticker could handle the pumping okay.

I walk instead of run for a simple reason. I was hard on my knees in my youth playing football and playing catcher in baseball. I'm also big, always have been, and have weighed as much as 290, currently tipping the scales at 266. Weight pounding on my knees often caused them to ache, plus I developed a bad toe two years ago while hunting with a heavy load on my back.

Another thing that made me think of giving it a try was that a friend said their knees quit hurting after they got better running shoes. I've been working out in random running shoes that never felt all that great.

So I got going on the treadmill on Thursday and started running. My ticker and wind were fine with it. I wasn't breathing super hard and wasn't getting overly winded. My legs were also not really getting excessively tired. But the whole time I was running I wanted to stop. The whole time my brain kept thinking "I hate this and I want to stop." But I kept going because I wanted to see if I could do it.

All of a sudden I looked down and saw the distance was at 1.03 miles. I did it! I wasn't even hurting. But I did it and it was over so I got off so I could lift weights on my limited lunch break work out.

I might do it again but I'll hate it. But is there a 1.03 sticker I could get for my car window?

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