I was scrolling through photos from a year ago. I came across this pic of my son riding the Ferris wheel at Scheels. It made me a little nostalgic.

As soon as my kids were tall enough I would save the buck and let them ride alone. I don't love riding it. If they ask me to I will. But once they were tall enough to do it I was glad to let them go on their own.

Now I wanted nothing more than to stand bored at the bottom and wait for their four spins to come and go.

I also want to stand around and wait bored while they play on the playground. I want to take them to SkyZone and mess around on my phone while they wear themselves out. I want to bring one or two with me to get cinnamon rolls at Falls Park Farmers' Market, whichever one or two of them are awake on a Saturday morning.

I can't wait for some normal to come back.

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