If you are suffering from a phobia, you are not alone!

Kalliope Barlis, author of “Phobia Relief,” says one phobia in particular stands out.

“The biggest one is public speaking. This fear is really the by-product of how we actually think. Too often during a presentation we feel the audience members are judging us in a negative way. Let’s turn that type of response into a stream of positive thoughts! Instead of negative images, let’s dwell on this thought: the audience members are in awe of our talk.”

In other words, we are and will become what we think about.

“That’s right. Basically the quality of our thoughts equals the quality of our lives. The better you think---the better you will feel. That’s a fact of life!”

And just as important is our attitude!

“Attitude has a whole lot to do with everything. If you think that your problems are the worst and you will never survive, let’s not forget that problems exist for everyone. The very definition of a problem is it has a solution. Let’s keep that in mind! Remember, it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you respond!”

But, some of us are emotionally draining our energy by focusing on what happened yesterday.

“The truth is this: the past is yesterday’s news. Stop being controlled by the experiences of the past. Stop muddling through on what has already taken place. You can’t change what has happened.”

If you are caught up in the past, Kalliope offers this suggestion!

“Sure it’s not easy. But, it is possible to put the past behind us in our minds. You have to stop obsessing and talking about the bad things that happened in the past. The more you talk about them, the more they are reinforced inside your mind. But, if you talk about your successes in life and what you have accomplished---you have a really great mindset. Let’s face it! One of the ways we can move forward is to respond with laughter when caught up in the negative! When you laugh, you ignite a whole different chemical response inside your brain. No longer burdened with negative thinking, you are now responding with a positive outlook! Take the lead! Have a good laugh, focus on success and you will get results!”

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