Your phone may be smart but it's not doing you any mental favors.

According to a study being reported on, even just having that fancy smartphone next to you at your desk is not a good thing as far as your cognitive tasks are concerned.

Part of the reason mentioned in the article is anticipation. You're not doing your job as well as you could be if you're thinking about getting that new message, media alert or call.

Distraction. Your smartphone setting there is a distraction if you're frequently checking it for...whatever you're checking it for.

The study concluded that it takes 15-20 minutes to get your mind back to the task at hand when you are interrupted (or interrupt yourself) with that smartphone.

But you can multitask, you say?

The article says multitasking is a myth. You're not multitasking, you're simply switching from task to task, not doing both at the same time.

Their conclusion to the study is kind of blunt:

“Your phone is making you dumb..To get smarter, research suggests we need to put away our smartphones out of sight.”

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