I cannot stand it when Lebron James loses NBA Finals games and in fact, I HATE it!

I hate it not because I am mad at the King, but because I feel bad for him and I can't stand the narrative.

This season may be the only one that he will somewhat get a pass during losses in this edition of the Finals because of how good the Warriors are, but it still pains me none the less.

When you are watching individual greatness fall and to see it happen to a guy the caliber of human that Lebron is pains me even more.

I get a sinking feeling, a sad feeling, watching losses happen even during the three years where Lebron won the three titles that he captured.

I have such admiration for what he not only means to the NBA, but basketball worldwide that my emotions sometimes get the best of me.

Lebron will never convince everyone that he is the greatest of all time, but I need no convincing, he is, and even Jordan had losses in the Finals and I'm guessing the ones who feel the same about Jordan as I do about Lebron, know the same feeling I feel when the King takes a L.

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