After being with a company since he was 18-years old, LeBron James will say goodbye and join the rival brand.

Front Office Sports is reporting that James will say goodbye to Coca-Cola brand products and make the jump to PepsiCo Brands. Yes, LeBron is leaving all of the commercials you have seen in the past of him with Sprite and Powerade and such to join the new Mtn Dew drink called "Rise Energy."

LeBron has been with Coca-Cola since he was 18-years old. Ad Age says that Coca-Cola is in the middle of changing its marketing strategy, even to a point where the company will not have a Super Bowl commercial this year. That seems crazy! His contract with Coca-Cola officially expired this past September.

I know many people got after James for "The Decision" to join the Miami Heat but, in some circles, this might be even more earth-shattering. My step-dad has always been the guy that when the restaurant asks "Is Pepsi okay," that he responds with a flat "No." This could immediately turn the Coca-Cola supporters against James.

Okay, maybe not that extreme and I'm over exaggerating a tad. But in the sports business world, this will be a significant change. Front Office Sports also reports that James will be part of an advertising team for the Mtw Dew product that will also feature Zion Williamson, Joel Embiid, Jamal Murray, and A'ja Wilson.

So get used to seeing LeBron shelling out Pepsi and Mtn Dew. It's going to be as weird as seeing him in a Heat or Lakers jersey for the first time but will become normal after the first few commercials.

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