South Dakota may be one of the cheapest states to take someone on a date but when it comes to ordering a meal, especially a cheeseburger, you better bring some extra cash! According to CNBC, they conducted a study to find out how much a cheeseburger cost in every state. They determine this by comparing local prices from national or regional retailers for 85% lean/15% fat ground beef, cheese, hamburger buns, Heinz ketchup, French’s mustard, Hellmann’s mayo, a sweet onion, a tomato, pickles, and lettuce. Well, it turns out that South Dakota is the fourth highest in the nation. The top 5 are:

  • Hawaii-$2.95
  • Alaska-$2.92 (Tie)
  • Minnesota-$2.92 (tie)
  • South Dakota-$2.84

As for the states with the cheapest prices in the country, well you are gonna have to travel a long way to Alabama where the price of a cheeseburger down there is just $2.33. Click HERE to take a closer look at the average price of a cheeseburger in each state.

Source: CNBC

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