You always want to make a great impression on your first date.  Women have to pick the right outfit, fix their hair a certain way, and try not to look nervous.  Men usually worry or wonder how much money to bring depending on the restaurant.   But in South Dakota,  money doesn't appear to be an issue.

Mayor Paul TenHaken of Sioux Falls recently tweeted that the state of South Dakota is the cheapest date in the nation.

According to the map, the average date costs around $38.  The map indicates that the most expensive date across the nation is New York averaging almost $300 per date.

This statistic doesn't surprise me that much.  My family went on vacation to New York and spent $100 just on a little snack.

Here's my advice for the ladies reading this article.  The next time you're out in the Sioux Empire for date night, do not feel guilty ordering something other than a salad.
Treat yourself! I ordered a salad at almost every restaurant I went to.  Now, it's my goal to try something new when I'm out to eat instead of sticking to my regular meals.

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