We just got the news about a new cannabis bar opening in Superior, WI soon, now the news that a popular marijuana-themed sub shop is opening its first location in Minnesota.

There were rumors that this chain of toasted sub shops had planned on opening up shops as long ago as 2015, that's when the State of Minnesota approved a franchisor license, but fast forward 7 years and it's confirmed by Business Journal that Cheba Hut is opening its first shop in Minnesota this summer.

The new Cheba Hut will be located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis and it should be open in July. Cheba Hut is known for its use of marijuana culture in its decor, and plenty of marijuana terminology on its menu, the only thing you won't find is marijuana, that is unless you BYOM.

Cheba Hut YouTube
Cheba Hut YouTube
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Here are some of the sandwiches on the menu, they come in four sizes, Nug 4", Pinner 8", and Blunt 12":

  • Chronic = BBQ Roast Beef
  • Sensi Kush = BLT
  • Dank = Pizza Sub
  • Sticky Icky = Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Jamaican Red = Buffalo Chicken
  • White Widow = Chicken, Bacon & Ranch

Some locations also sell cocktails, they also have weed names like Dirty Hippie, Hot Box, Bloody Mary Jane, and of course what marijuana-themed place would be complete without Gin N Juice. And they serve Kool-Aid, I've never seen a place serve actual glasses of Kool-Aid before, that's great!

They also do some clever and funny marketing, like this from their Facebook page

Cheba Hut opened its first location in 1998 in Tempe, Arizona near the campus of Arizona State University, which just so happens where the founder Scott Jennings went to college. As of the start of 2022, there are 45 Cheba Hut locations in the United States, including other midwest states like Wisconsin and Illinois.

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