I was today years old when I found out that the Chuck in Chuck Norris wasn't short for Charles, but for Carlos.

Also, did you know that Ty Pennington's real name is Gary Tygert Burton Pennington? The Ty is short for Tygert! What?

Anyway, it got me thinking, usually, a nickname comes with a good story. Our listeners did not disappoint.

  •  I couldn't say my sister's name when I was super little, so even now I still call her Rah Rah- her name is Sarah.
  • My name is Sheyanne(pronounced Cheyenne) and my family wanted to nickname me shy but a year later a neighbor girl was born and they named her Shyanne... so she was nicknamed shy because of the spelling and I went to Shiner
  • They call me Hoon-Dawg because my last name is Calhoon.
  • A coworker one day just said I'm gonna call you Leroy. 7yrs later I'm still Leroy at work.
  • When "Timmmayyy" was introduced on South Park it changed my life lol. I went to a smaller high school in MN approximately 400 kids and I was the only Tim. It's all I heard Tim Tim timmaaayyyy down the halls it was great
  • My nickname only stuck for my junior and senior year of high school. I was really into listening to Eminem music and my name is Shain (like Shane) and someone called me Slim Shainy and it stuck. I loved it
  • My brother nicknamed my tripod. I got a short haircut with bangs. She dried my hair and curled the ends under. When I got home my brother said your head looks like a triangle. Needless to say, I stopped letting the hairdresser dry/style my hair.
  • My husband's real name is Jeremy but at family Christmas years ago, my aunt thought his name was Jerry and it stuck. Literally everyone, even his mom, calls him Jerry. HOWEVER, he was so mad that I helped it stick, he now calls me Erry (my real name is Erinn)

Did you have a good nickname story?

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