Some nicknames make sense. It's just a spin-off of the person's actual name. Some nicknames don't make any sense at all until you hear the story behind it.

And then there are some nicknames that just are. It just happened and nobody remembers why.

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Here are some great nicknames and the stories behind them from our listeners:

  • My roommates call me K Weezy because 9 times out of 10 if I'm laughing, I'm wheezing
  • My name is Natasha. I've had a few nicknames over the years. Growing up most people called me Tasha...except my brothers turned that into Trasha. In Jr high all my friends called me Toshiba. Now a lot of people call me Nat (On a personal note, I hate the nickname Nat. Don't call me that.)
  • I'm doodles, my sister is tird bird fart blossom, and my brother is Joseder (Jose plus Vader)
  • My name is Makenzie but my uncle has always called me Spuds because of Spuds Mackenzie. My sisters name is Meghan and we've always called her Meg-Pie Meatballs and sometimes we just call her Meatballs
  • When I was little my dad jokingly called me a group of boy names, Billy Joe Jim Bob, and it stuck. By the time I got to high school it was shortened to BillyJoe or Bill. A friend would literally introduce me to people as Bill and I was sometimes known as that girl named Bill.
  • I wore earrings to my first shift in a restaurant. My name is Chris and there were 2 other Chris's so my boss just called me P-Diddy and for next 3 years I was never called Chris again. Just variations of P-Diddy. I.e. Diddles, P-Dids etc.
  • My name is Maggie and my drunk friends once called me Magitron...and it stuck. I actually love it
  • My last name is Doom.... and I am a female... in grade school my nickname was Doomster Dumpster.... every class reunion they still shout it from across the room
  • My cousins name is Grace and we call her Gracie Lou Freebush like from the movie Miss Congeniality.
  • My mom has always called me Nit. Also Nit Nit Nit Wit. Etc. when I was 19 she paid for a tattoo of Nit on the back of my neck and after it was done she told me what a knit was. A lice egg.
  • I spelled my name wrong in middle school. Pamela. And for some reason I wrote Pamels. I have been that ever since.
  • At birth I was name Michael, but was so skinny was nickname bone. then my aunt started Boney Maroney and it still sticks I'm 34
  • My name is Megan. I still get called Peg from middle school. I dislocated my knee and was in a straight leg brace for a few days. I just went home for my 10 year high school reunion and I still heard HEY PEG.
  • Daughter wants me to send you hers. Her name is Sophia but like to goes by Phia. Her aunt now calls her onamonaphia and it makes her so mad. She's 8.
  • My dad's name is Eugene. His nickname is Pucky. When he was little he lived in Ethiopia where his family did missionary work. The kids would call him "u-cky" after the eucalyptus trees. Then when they found out he was from Minnesota they started calling him Pucky after a hockey puck. The weirdest story ever, but no one calls him by his actual name anymore-its weird to hear.
  • There was an old farmer who would continually walk around the community and never comb his hair. My little sister would get up and never like to comb her hair, so my dad started calling her Homer- after the farmer. It stuck and she’s Homer to this day at age 48. Ha!
  • My husband is a welder and builds fire trucks.. he got stuck in a truck so we call him Pooh.. as he looked like Pooh when he would get stuck in Rabbits hole
  • My dad has the nickname butthead. I don't know the story behind it. My dad also loves to give my siblings and I weird nicknames just because. My names Courtney and I'm called anything from court, curt, curtle (pronounced like turtle) curtly Mae and so on. My sister Morgan is Mergy, Mortimer. Other sister hunter is called boo bear, blueberry, blubbery butt, blue bear etc, brother Garrett is g-rot
  • My real name is Jessica. For whatever reason when I was a kid my mom started calling me Jezebel. I grew up in a small town so it stuck. Years later my brother asked my mom is she knew what that word meant? He told her and she felt bad, but by that time it was too late. I am 43 and people still call me Jezebel.

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