Two Sioux Empire pet rescues just received a nice chunk of change courtesy of a collaboration between a local microbrewer and a Sioux Falls investment company that empowers investors to make better trading decisions.

Remedy Brewing Company and MarketBeat teamed up throughout the month of May to promote and sell a micro-brew called "MarketBrew." This special limited-run micro-brew was created to benefit two separate pet rescues in the Sioux Falls area.

As Dakota News Now reports, thanks to the joint effort, there will be a lot of wagging tails at B-Squad Dog Rescue and Sioux Empire Pit Rescue as both rescue programs will get to divide up the tidy sum of $25,000.

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The organizers behind MarketBrew revealed their beer sales totals for the month on Wednesday (June 2).

Remedy co-owner Tyler Jepperson told Dakota News Now, “We’re thrilled to accomplish this through our collaboration with MarketBeat and remain impressed with the way our combined teams worked to achieve this logistical feat. It’s a big win for our community and everyone involved.”

There is no doubt the people of the Sioux Empire love their dogs. This recent collaboration represents the most beer of a single brand Remedy has ever sold in a given month.

MarketBrew must have been pretty doggone good because the numbers don't lie. According to Dakota News Now, 15,597 12-ounce micro-beers were created and sold by Remedy Brewing Company throughout May. All that special brew was sold to their various distributors by the end of the month.

Source: Dakota News Now

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