According to Dakota News Now, there has been a 47% increase in Hookwarn in both dogs and cats within the Sioux Falls area. This gives the city a second ranking in the US currently for Hookworm tests.

"The results were reported by the Companion Animal Parasite Council, a non-profit organization that tracks and raises awareness around growing parasite problems across the country. The CAPC takes data collected by local veterinaries and pet clinics, comparing that data to cities around America and use the information to find what causes the growth." -Dakota News Now

There are numerous things that can cause a spike in Hookworm cases.

Dog parks can lead to the spread of the parasite from pet to pet via other pet owners not picking up after their pets or a toy that was used from an already infected dog to another dog.

In order to help prevent your pet from getting Hookworm, test your cats and dogs by visiting a local veterinary hospital or pet clinic twice a year.

Some Hookwarn medication can also be given to your pet for year around protection from the parasite.

Pet owners can also pick up the parasite and transfer it to pets so wash your hands after playing with and touching other people's pets to help prevent the spread.

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