When it comes to car chases, I'm reminded of an old saying that goes, "You may be able to outrun Ford, but you won't outrun Motorola", meaning you might outrun their police cars, but not their two-way radios.

It makes me wonder why people run from the police since it usually ends with the suspects in handcuffs and more charges than if they just stopped.

Law enforcement agencies from two states worked together to stop a high-speed chase on Tuesday morning.  Police say that two suspects have been arrested in a car chase that started in Minnesota and ended in Sioux Falls.

Dakota News Now reports the chase began in southwest Minnesota when police initiated a pursuit of a stolen SUV.

Minnesota law enforcement officers pursued the stolen vehicle down Interstate 90 until the chase entered South Dakota.  The South Dakota Highway Patrol took over the pursuit at the state line.  Police say the SUV hit speeds of over 100 mph while on the Interstate.

When the chase arrived in the Sioux Falls area, the suspects turned onto I-229. Authorities used spike strips and a PIT maneuver to finally disable the vehicle on Cliff Avenue near 39th Street N.

Dakota News Now reports the driver, 41-year-old Syringa May, and 39-year-old Nathan Vanloh was arrested and charges are pending.

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