One of the great things about summer in Sioux Falls is getting a great big ice cream cone on a hot afternoon. And now there is going to be yet another location in the city to get your frozen dessert fix.

It seems to be getting easier to find Stensland Family Farms products all over Sioux Falls. Stensland is a family-owned farm just outside of Larchwood, IA.

According to “We operate a 200 cow dairy and have recently built an on-farm creamery. The milk produced on our dairy is used for our freshly bottled milk, ice cream, aged cheese, and cheese curds. Our farm-fresh products are available at our on-farm store as well as our Sioux Falls locations. Our Sioux Falls location sells all of our products PLUS freshly hand-dipped ice cream and ice cream treats. You can also find our farm-fresh products in local grocers near you.”

Google Maps
Google Maps

On Tuesday Stensland announced on their Facebook page that they had “Big News”. Their new westside location at 3221 S Sertoma right across from Roosevelt High School. They will be opening their new store this Friday, June 19th at 11:00 am.

This new Stensland location will feature their products including fresh-made waffle cones you can fill with any of their numerous ice cream flavors.

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