Sioux Falls voters who went to the polls on June 2 were tasked with deciding two City Council seats. One for the Northwest District, which incumbent Greg Neitzert won. The other, an at large seat between incumbent Theresa Stehly and Alex Jensen.

As we've been following the story through Dakota News Now, on election night Jensen was leading the race. As election staffers called it a night from the counting process Stehly was behind by over 100 votes. Stehly is calling for a recount of the race saying she believes taking another look at the votes is the responsible thing to do.

How many votes need to be looked at? More than 28,000.

City Clerk Tom Greco said a recount is a first for Sioux Fall. He will convene a group to oversee the recount. In an earlier story, he said, “I don’t believe, at least I can’t find any evidence of a recount for us, but its part of the process and that I think is really important.”

The recount is required by law to start taking place no later than June 26th

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