If you listen to our show, then you know that Andy loves to give me a hard time about being from Iowa. I am a proud Iowan. I am happy to call Sioux Falls home now, but I will never forget where I came from.

I went to Sergeant Bluff-Luton Schools. Sergeant Bluff is just South of Sioux City.

SB-L was a great district to be a part of. Most of the kids I went to kindergarten with, I also graduated with.

We are the Warriors and our school colors are orange and black. I know those details sound familiar to some of you Sioux Falls folks.

I think the last football game I went to was during my younger brother's senior year in 2008, so this was different for sure. I felt very old and out of place.

My high school isn't really known for people coming 'home' so to speak. We don't do all school reunions and our 10 year reunion was an event page on Facebook and we drank a couple beers at the local bar.

I did get to see the new renovations to the High School and make sure my State Bowling Trophies were doing fine. Also, the band got new uniforms! As did the football team.

But some things never change. The cheerleaders still did the same dance to the school song and most of their cheers were exactly the same as they were my whole life.

And I think my high school won. We left after halftime because it was getting cold so... yay team!

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