I was all about taking trips down memory lane last weekend.

First, I went to my High School Homecoming for the first time in forever and then I decided to hit up my College Homecoming the next day. Pretty coincidental that they were on the same weekend.

I went to Morningside College in Sioux City, IA.

Murningside's mascot is the Mustang and the school colors are maroon and white (or black or gray, but maroon for sure.)

I graduated in four years in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. I was a Mass Communication Major as well as a Corporate Communications major. I like communicating.

I really enjoyed my time at college. It is where I found radio. KMSC is where it all began. I learned a lot not only in the classroom, but also about people in general. Even at a small college in a small town in Iowa, it brings people of different backgrounds together.

Homecoming at Morningside was always fun. Of course there was coronation and a talent show, but we also had Mr. Morningside, where the school's finest gents donned their best women's apparel and tried to win the pageant. And every year at the talent show it was guaranteed that the Sigs would do something, usually musically inspired and funny. I remember a 'Sig in a Box' parody one year. They also always did a teeth brushing thing where they would take turns brushing their teeth and spitting into a cup and then the last guy would drink it. It was disgusting, but hey, it's tradition.

Then of course the football game on Saturday followed by Taste of Morningside. Taste of Morningside is a fairly recent tradition. Local favorites like La Juanitas, Sneaky's Chicken, Bob Roe's, and Miles Inn all have food there. So good. All local favorites! There is also a live band and beer garden under huge tents.

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