Do you know what your husband is thinking? Is he always thinking about sex? Is he thinking about food or maybe his favorite sports team? Dave Wills is a father, husband and pastor and recently wrote an article to help ladies understand the mind of their man. He listed nine things that seem to dominate a man's mind with the hope it would start a conversation in your marriage.

Here are the 9 things your husband is always thinking about. Would you add any to the list?

  1. Concern for your happiness - When you are unhappy or seem to be unhappy, your husband will try to figure out how to make it right.
  2. Sex - It dominates your husband's thoughts.
  3. How to achieve more - Remind your husband that healthy relationships are the ultimate measure of success and not trophies or money.
  4. Searching for peace - Men mentally recharge through silence and contemplation.
  5. Food  - Yes, men think about food all the time.
  6. Money - Men will always be thinking of ways to make ends meet and generate more income.
  7. Sports - In sports, lines are clearly drawn and the rules are known by all. Men wish all parts of life were this clear.
  8. Pain from the past - Men have a few major life regrets that they tend to replay in their mind.
  9. Leaving a legacy - Every man wants his life to count and wants to be respected by his family.

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