For some people, the thrill of hooking up with someone in a public place is worth the chance of getting caught. For others, this might be their only opportunity to have a little privacy like in their vehicle. If so hopefully you can find a secluded area where no other people are around or you could be getting a knock on the window from the police.

So is it illegal in Minnesota? According to the law firm of Gerald Miller P.A. "When a sex act occurs in public, it constitutes a criminal offense known as indecent exposure." The problem is the law in Minnesota regarding indecent exposure is pretty broad and unclear. If you do get arrested for this while having relations in your vehicle you may have a chance to fight it in court.

But of course, like anything, there are extenuating circumstances. According to the statute  Minnesota Statute Section 617.23  "it is illegal to commit a variety of acts in any public place, or in any place where others are present. These acts include:

  • willfully and lewdly exposes the person’s body or the private parts thereof;
  • procures another to expose private parts; or
  • engages in any open or gross lewdness or lascivious behavior.

Here is where things can get complicated, another part of the statute regarding indecent exposure is regarding being in the presence of other people. So even if you are in your vehicle in your driveway, if other people are present outside the vehicle that could be condoned as indecent exposure.

Generally speaking, if your vehicle is parked anywhere in a public place and you are discovered by the police you will most likely face a misdemeanor charge unless you have a history on your record regarding this type of offense before, then it could be bumped up to a gross misdemeanor or in some cases even a felony charge.

Now that you know the details of what might happen if you get caught you might want to think twice before you partake in that activity and go find a place that is private with zero chance of getting arrested.

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