He or she is your best friend. Maybe four legs, maybe two claws, maybe fins. He or she may crawl, fly, slink, or swim. Might be noisy or quiet as a...bunny.

We've all had a favorite pet (or pets) through the years.

You might be a dog person (I am). You could be a cat person. Or that all-time favorite pet, the one who became a part of the family, could have been something else.

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In a certain sense, you and your pet have a lot in common. In fact, you're in some ways telling the rest of the world who you are. Have a dog? A cat? Maybe a parrot or Guinea Pig.

Here are some of the ways your best non-human friend lets the world know who their owner is.

Now, I'm not thinkin' this is all carved in stone, the cold hard truth. What do you think? Are some of these right on, or are they way off base?

Either way, you love your pet and your pet loves you. And that's all that really matters.

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