For Sioux Falls schools, safety is the top priority. This video, released by the Sioux Falls School District, demonstrates how much time and effort is spent on the well-being of the students and faculty.

Procedures are in place for any situation, including lockdown, evacuation, or shelter-in-place, and even weather emergencies.

Here's a few key elements of safety for our kids:

  • Visitors must be granted access by school staff before entering the building.
  • Millions of dollars were spent on facility safety upgrades.
  • Visitors must sign in - with photo ID. (including parents)
  • The school always knows who is inside the building at all times.
  • Staff works with Sioux Falls police, firefighters, and emergency management with drills and training.
  • Communication via cell phones, text, and email with parents if threats are present.
  • Reunification sites are established for student-parent meetings after threat.

This really is a terrific video. Let's hope and pray that none of these drills ever need to be played out for real. But it's reassuring to know that the Sioux Falls School District is prepared - for anything.



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