The democratic national convention runs this week in Philadelphia. Representative Paula Hawks, who is running for US House is one of the delegates.

I am really looking forward to representing South Dakota and the interests and issues that are really important to the people of South Dakota agriculture and rural development are at the top of my list.

Hawks is also participating in a panel discussion:

With Senator Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota and a few other top legislative folks who are also going to be sitting in that discussion about real development very excited about that and I'm excited to go to Philadelphia and talk about the interests of South Dakota.

Just prior to leaving for Philadelphia, the national women’s political caucus, bipartisan organization endorsed the Hawks for House campaign.

I have been a strong supporter of women's rights from equal pay for equal work, to reproductive rights, to being a strong supporter of the Violence Against Women Act, and so they have made the decision to endorse my campaign.

Hawks says she has been briefed on security for the DNC this week and is confident all will be done by authorities to keep attendees safe.

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