Turn on the TV, radio, or spend any time on social media and you'll quickly see that not everyone is exactly stoked with the fact that Donald J Trump was just elected the 45th President of the United States.

That message was seen on Wednesday even in downtown Sioux Falls as a group of people gathered to voice their opinion during a "Love Trumps Hate" rally in front of the courthouse building.

Our news gathering partner KDLT News had an opportunity to interview protesters like Martin Minahan and Addison Avery.

Avery helped organize the rally on behalf of those who say they have been targeted by Trump's campaign rhetoric. While Minahan said, "I felt very lonely today, and I wanted to feel like I was around people who are like minded.”

The Sioux Falls rally was not as large and certainly didn't display some of the violence and public outbursts that were demonstrated at other anti-Trump rallies in larger cities across the nation on Wednesday. However, there was one commonality, protesters carried many of the same messages being conveyed at other demonstrations in at least 25 cities ranging from New York to Chicago to Seattle.

Thousands of Democrats nationwide are shocked and saddened with the news that Donald Trump will become the next US President. Their concerns range from his right leaning polices to the polarizing tenor of his campaign that stoked xenophobic fears.

According to Avery, “There are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people. There are people of the Muslim community, there are people who are African-American descent, Hispanics, who all have a life here in America and who have built a life for themselves and their families and I don’t believe that any man has the right to take the right away from them.”

As the dust begins to settle on a very turbulent election season, hopefully, calmer heads will prevail throughout this great country. Hopefully, our elected officials will make good on their promise to unite and work together in an attempt to heal the wounds created over the past year and hopefully Trump protestors and supporters will find it in their hearts to follow their lead.

Source: KDLT News/CNN

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