It's the second day after the election and plastered all over the news are images of people taking to the streets over the election of Donald Trump as president.

Even here in Sioux Falls there was a gathering Wednesday night on the steps of the federal courthouse - only they called their demonstration a "rally."

So, a question for the "He's Not Our President" demonstrators - did you vote in the election? Because if you didn't, take your gripe someplace else.

If you didn't vote, you have no right to complain. And for those of you who argue "I have every right to complain," NO YOU DON'T - you didn't pass go, you didn't collect $200.

That's how we do it here in the United States, we choose our leaders by going to the voting booth. That's step #1 in the process - and you didn't start at the beginning.

If you didn't actually step foot in a voting booth, you have no one else to blame but yourself. That's what makes this country so great - we get to elect our leaders.

If you didn't take advantage of that freedom, then you have no right to walk into the middle of the street and create chaos for the rest of us who DID take the time to vote.

Now that the election is over with we're past the point of it mattering if your candidate lost. What matters now is that we ALL get behind our elected officials and become one.

I once heard it compared to that of an airline pilot. You don't board a plane and hope that the pilot fails. If he fails - you fail.

So, it's time for all of us to get past what happened on Tuesday, November 8 and start to find ways to heal the wounds and bring the country back together. Because, if President-Elect Donald Trump fails (our pilot) - WE ALL CRASH AND BURN!

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