It's like a step back in time. A trip to Manley Tire and Oil in Manley, Minnesota.

The other day I was at Manley Tire and Oil in Manley, Minnesota. It was a warm sunny Saturday morning. I was there doing a remote broadcast for Trudy and the crew at Manley and it was like rewinding life 30 or 40 years.

Inside they have the latest technology. In Fact at one time Trudy came out to chat wearing a ear piece from her phone system so she could answer customer questions. Inside the waiting room was full. The shop was whirring with technicians mounting tires and other automotive tasks.

At one point a pickup from Wisconsin pulled up. They were just taking back roads and their journey led them to Manley Tire and Oil. The guy got out of his pickup to put his own gas in only to be met by Rich. Rich said, I'll take care of that for you and proceeded to pump the gas for the travelers. I heard the guy say, I'll bet it's been thirty years since someone did that for me.

Oh, and the bars. Trudy makes a pan of bars most days. That alone is probably reason enough to buy your next set of tires at Manley. And I haven't even mentioned someone opening the door so the grey cat could come in and meander through the lobby. It really is kinda like Mayberry all over again.

Next time you need tires for your car, truck or farm machinery, think of Manley Tire and Oil. Better yet, when you need your belly to just feel better with a feeling like a trip back in time check 'em out. I-90, exit one and go one mile south to Manley Tire and Oil.



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