Today is April 3, 2018 and it's snowing. It sucks. I'm tired of it. We're going to hit a record low temperature tonight. High temps aren't forecasted to be higher than 40 in the next week. But snow in April isn't rare. It doesn't happen every year, but it happens.

I can't remember a May snowfall in Sioux Falls but I witnessed a snowfall on May 9, 1996 in Spearfish, the day before I moved home for the summer at the end of my first year of college.

I was wondering: have we have ever received snow in Sioux Falls in June? The answer is yes.

According to the National Weather Service on June 3, 1998 we received a trace of snow in Sioux Falls. It was not a measurable amount but it was the latest snow we've ever got.

The latest measurable amount of snow Sioux Falls was on May 18, 1968. 0.1 inches was recorded.

As I write this there is at least three inches of snow on the staircase of my deck. The latest measurable amount of snow came on May 12, 1943 when 2 inches of snow fell, more than two years before the end of World War II.

I thought you'd have to go back farther to find a big snow fall but I was wrong. The latest big snow fall fell on Apr. 28, 1994. On that day 10 inches of snow fell.

I hope this is the last significant snowfall of this half of 2018, but there is snow in the forecast for Sunday.

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