April 10th is National Siblings Day!! I am the oldest of two. I have a younger brother named Taylor. We are four years apart.

If you listen to the show then you've probably heard some stories about him. He currently lives in Omaha and is getting married in September.

It is so crazy to me that my 'little' brother is getting married! Not only is he getting married, but he also has a job and pays his own bills!

Growing up, I was always the more responsible one. Taylor was definitely the forgetful one. Whether it be forgetting homework or a change of clothes for an after school activity or whatever it was. So I guess, I thought he might have a hard time as an adult. But he's got his poop in a group.

He is the more chill one. I can tend to hold on to grudges and not let things go and Taylor is always there to offer a dose of comedy or a reality check.

He's also better with numbers than I am. I am more of a words and language person.

But we do have a lot in common! We have inside jokes about all kinds of stuff. I'd try to explain, but you wouldn't get it! We also enjoy going to concerts and movies!

It's crazy to think how well we get along now because it wasn't always that way! There are even still holes in my bedroom door at home to prove it! We only fought because we cared.

Since there are only two of us, we have to stay close. Who else is gonna have our back? All we have is each other.

Happy National Siblings Day!

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