Today is April 10, 2019 and that means it's National Siblings Day!

Now, I don't mean to offend any only children, but this is one day a year that we can all pretend that we get along with our siblings.

Just kidding, I really do love my brother. I only have one siblings. I have a little brother named Taylor!

He is so lucky to have a great big sister like me! (Humble Brag!)

Of course, as kids, we fought a lot, we were super annoyed by each other all the time and fought over everything! But, now that we are older, we get along great!

I think we started getting along better in our later teens because we realized, we really only have each other. When we went to family functions or events we were like don't leave me alone here.

My brother is 4 years younger than me, but he is taller and bigger than me now. I remember when my brother turned 21, I was devastated. How is my little brother 21?

My brother got married last year and I was a mess the whole time. Lots of crying. Not because I was sad or mad, but because I was so happy for him. How is my little brother getting married?

Now, not only do I have a little brother, I have gained a sister-in-law!

Take a look at my brother and I through the years!

Happy National Siblings Day!

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