Obviously, I'm a little biased because I love Hanson and have seen them live a bunch of times. But, when they announced their String Theory tour I had to go! This is Hanson like I had never seen or heard them before, with an orchestra. It was also in Minneapolis at the beautiful State Theatre! There is just something about old theatres that makes the show even better. Adds a little something!

The only complaint I have, which it's barely a complaint, more like an observation is that I knew there would be new songs as part of this tour and the accompanying album, String Theory, but I didn't realize it was a majority of new stuff, but the album doesn't come out for a few more days. So, I couldn't sing along even if I wanted to because the album isn't out yet. Part of me liked hearing the songs for the first time live with an orchestra and then the other part of me wishes I could have been more prepared. But, overall, it was an amazing show. Two hours flew by.

A full orchestra makes everything sound fuller and richer! My favorite songs with an orchestra were probably, "Me, Myself, and I" and "You Can't Stop Us." These songs are so dramatic, it gave me goosebumps.

I've been listening to NPR's First Listen of the album and it's so good! Some of these arrangements are almost better with headphones because you hear every little thing!

Even though this concert was with an orchestra, they still got the crowd amped up. By the last couple songs everybody was on their feet.

So good! Can I go again?

String Theory, the album, is available November 9th.

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