Cabin fever starts closing in on us all by midwinter, and with another storm coming mid-April we have all had enough. It's not just the kids that start climbing the walls after all other physical outlets, and seasonal life enjoyment has been drained and contained by mother nature.

Let's be honest you can only binge watch so many Netflix series, and build so many snowmen before you start feeling like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I'm not sure how or what they did back in the early days to keep their minds right from being cooped up.

For those who need some winter release a new business coming to Sioux Falls is set to bring some physical and mental outlets for us by providing indoor climbing.

According to an article in Sioux Falls Business by Jodi Schwan "Frontier Climbing is the brain child of dreamer and climber Adam Bergdale and business partner Wade Randall."

So when will we be able to tackle the walls?

"The hope is to start construction no later than the end of June and be open six to eight months later," writes Schwan. "Bergdale and Randall are working with a French company to design the climbing walls. It’s the same company building walls for the 2020 Olympics, where climbing has been introduced as a sport."

Located on the east side, the new business will be just north of Arrowhead Parkway.

This time next year I look forward to enduring the winters with you, and watching you climbing these walls while we wait for the summer sun.

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